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 Want to be a host home for the Beautiful Tension Acoustic House Tour?

Great! Here is some basic info as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What to expect:

An Acoustic House show is a chance for us to connect on a personal level with you and your friends. We like to play games, Share stories behind our songs, answer questions and of course sing our songs. We might even find a few moments to pray together and sing a worship song or two. 

All in all, it’s a fun, low key environment where we can get to know each other as friends.

We’v specifically made this tour as simple and cost efficient as possible so that regular job-working, school-attending kid-raising people like yourself are able to bring us in!

What does it cost?

Great news, for this acoustic tour, we are not charging a performance fee!

That being said, Traveling from Nashville TN in a big gas-guzzling van ain’t cheap, So there are a couple of ways you can help out with that!

First: We will be selling merchandise (T-shirts, CDs ETC.) So as you invite your friends and family, please encourage them to bring money for souvenirs to help support the band. (Cash is preferred but we can take credit/debit cards as well).

Second: Some people take up a love offering for us at the end of the night. This doesn’t work in every environment but when it does it’s definitely appreciated.

Third: Some people issue a cover charge (something small like $5 at the door) this works, but it’s our least favorite option. We feel that when there’s a cover charge less people attend, plus, people are more generous with an offering or buying Merch when money isn’t required at the door.
Fourth: You could find a sponsor for the event, maybe your local church/youth group or a business?

What do I need to have?

An open room in your home that is large enough for you and your friends/family to gather in. This is usually the living room but you know your space better than we do so we’re flexible on that. We will also need a little space to set up a display for our merchandise (CDS T-shirts ETC.)

Do I have to Advertise?

To host an acoustic show we ask that you be able to bring in a group of around 10 people.
Of course we know you can’t guarantee that everyone will show up, but before we drive multiple hours from home we want you to have reasonable belief that around 10 people will be there.
Keep in mind, the focus of this event isn’t to bring in the masses, but to connect with you and your people, so advertisement is fine, but not required. it works best to pull from your own circle I.E. Church friends, Work associates, Family Members Etc. Personal invites go a long way.

What date should I plan it for?

We are planning for the weekend. So Friday night or Saturday night. Then we will try to find a local church that will allow us to share our hearts and sing a song before heading back for Nashville on Sunday afternoon.

How long will it last?

On average, one and a half to two hours max.

What about food?

We ask that you please provide dinner for the two of us since we will be driving straight to your house/venue and might not have time to stop. No need to cook for everyone who comes, we’re happy to eat quickly before or after the event. Finger food is fine during the event if you so choose but a sit down dinner with everyone usually takes too much time out of the evening  which means we can’t play as many songs, and that makes us sad.
Also, the food doesn’t have to be home cooked, whatever it is we will be hungry and grateful. (Please reference the note at the bottom of the page that lists food allergies and preferences).

How many people will be coming?

Most likely, just two of us: Brandon and Bradley. On some occasions we might have one or two other people that travel with us but on average it will be two guys and a guitar.

What about accommodations?

Since the event will be at night, we will need to stay in town before heading back to Nashville, So If you have access to a spare bedroom we would greatly appreciate that!

A hotel room would be awesome too, but it’s not required. If you do have a place for us to sleep (bed or couch is fine) there are a couple of guidelines we would need to stay within in order to be above reproach and protect our christian witness.

The guy/Girl ratio would have to be appropriate, What does that mean? As young single men, It’s against our standard to stay the night alone with girls of any age. Even though everything would be above board on the inside, it would still look bad from the outside, so this is No Bueno.

Some good examples would be: 

  • A married couple you know who has a spare room/couches.

  • Your parents/grandparents house. 

  • A nice couple from church that likes to host ministers and missionaries.

  • A family home (with parents present).

  • A church parsonage or guest house.
    Any questions on this or ideas, feel free to send us a message and we’ll figure it out!

    If all else fails we have a bed set up in the back of our van and would be happy campers if we had a safe place to park for the night.

What do I need to provide?

We will travel with a guitar and a small sound system so your only job will be to bring the seating and the people.

Is there anything else I should know?

Since we will be singing and laughing together, make sure your neighbors are cool with the noise, it’s no fun to have the cops come out and kill the party.

This is going to be a fun tour! We can’t wait to meet you and your friends. Any questions please feel free to send us a message.
-Brandon and Bradley

***Food Preferences:

Bradley is Lactose Intolerant so please avoid food with a lot of cheese or other dairy.
Also, we do not eat any pork product for health reasons. We also try to avoid soda pop, especially before singing. In General We’re Clean Whole food eaters, so anything prepared with that in mind would be awesome.
That’s about it!