To revive the church, evangelize the lost, and bring glory to God through the creation and performance of gospel empowered music.


To be a ministry, both on and off the stage, set apart by excellence and holiness.


We are just a few Jesus loving, music making brothers who happen to be a band.
People always ask when we got started, but the truth is, we've been making music together our whole lives. Becoming a band was inevitable. So here's a little bit of our backstory:
We come from a large family, ten to be exact. Our parents, being church planting pastors, included us in the highs and lows of ministry. We appreciate this unique upbringing as it fostered in us a strong work ethic and a heart for true ministry! As a band, we strive for excellence in everything we do, whether that be writing & recording original material, making videos, or bringing those songs to life in an energetic live show.
But the hard work pays off as over the years we've seen God bless our music, putting us on stages ranging from coffee houses and festivals to youth camps churches and conferences. In these events, He has used us in two distinct ways: worship and outreach, thus, Beautiful Tension and Beautiful Tension Worship were born, two faces of a central heart. 
To us, this has always been about more than just being a Band, it’s a passion. We feel that we are apart of something bigger than us, and that’s why we’re committed and excited to continue this journey!